Basic Phone Features
VoiceLift employs the latest in VoIP technology to provide quality service and an extensive feature set. Traditional telephone companies can not provide the features that VoiceLift provides, which include some features that are currently only found in office telephone systems.
Voicemail *98

Your VoiceLift voicemail box is a fully customizable messaging system that saves your messages, allows you to access them via phone from anywhere, and even emails you a copy of your messages in a media file. You are able to have two different messages, one that plays when you simply don’t answer the phone, and another that plays if you are on the other line and don’t click over. You may save your messages, erase them, or even forward them to another VoiceLift subscriber!

Caller ID

This privacy feature lets you know who is calling before you answer the call, whether you are off the phone, or when someone calls you on call waiting. You will also see the caller on the subject line when you receive your voicemail via email from us.

Call Waiting

Call waiting with caller ID is another great calling feature that allows you to view the phone number (if not private/blocked) of the person calling you while you are on the phone with someone else. You may decide to click over, or allow your dedicated call waiting message to play and let them leave you a voicemail.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding option allows you to forward your phone calls to any telephone in the world, including cell phones and international numbers. Whether you are at your office, cell phone, vacation or friend’s house, you can always be available with VoiceLift call forwarding service. You can even decide to forward only the calls that come in while you are on the other line, or when you don’t answer the phone instead of going to voicemail.

3 Way Calling

Three-way conference calling allows you to have three people on the phone at the same time. This way, all three of you can talk at the same time connected from anywhere on the globe.


You never have to worry about missing an important call because you couldn’t quite get to the phone in time. Simply dial *69 to call back to the number that last called you. This is especially handy for returning the favor to prank callers.

Caller ID Block

The *67 feature allows you to block your name and number from showing on the caller ID of parties you call. This way, you can call anyone anonymously at any time.


In the event you get tired of calling a busy number over and over again, you can save your precious time and energy by using the VoiceLift repeat dialing service. Avoid repeat dialing of the same number that’s busy by activating the repeat dialing feature. This feature continues to call the number, and rings you back automatically when the phone number is no longer busy.

Speed Dial

With VoiceLift speed dial service, you can save time by simply pressing one button to phone the people you call the most. Simply program all of your frequent contacts into your VoiceLift system by assigning each phone number to one of the 10 numbers on your keypad.


With VoiceLift, you can dial 411 national directory assistance to obtain the phone numbers you need. For each directory assistance call, there is an applicable per call fee of $1 charged to your phone bill.

Local Number Portability

You do not have to change or lose your existing telephone number or area code when signing up for VoiceLift service. We will let you keep your already existing (current or recently old) phone number and area code anywhere within US.


VoiceLift provides enhanced 911 emergency calling service, which allows your 911 calls to be directly routed to the appropriate emergency response center. With VoiceLift, your physical location is automatically transmitted with your call to the operator. This service is likely not available in case of a power outage.
E911 will not be available if you take your VoiceLift telephone adapter to a location other than the e911 address you provide us. Please refer to our terms of service, as our e911 service is different than traditional 911 service.

Bring A Friend

With the VoicLift Referral Program, you will receive a $25.00 service credit for referring a friend who becomes a VoiceLift customer (with a minimum 1-year service commitment). Refer as many people as you can, and you will continue to get $25.00 service credits for each customer you sign-up.