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VoiceLift delivers these services over one of the most advanced IP based broadband networks in operation. Our mission critical switches and servers are co-located in the most advanced state-of-the-art and secure facilities available. The technical facility is located on the Internet backbone in Houston, Texas with a private interconnect to the most advanced communications platform in the world This platform is fully and continuously upgradeable and provides a fully scalable backbone that is fault-tolerant and redundant at the metro, national and international levels. The backbone network targets at least 99.98% service availability, packet loss of less than .05%, and average latency of 25 milliseconds in North America. These characteristics make the VoiceLift system ideal for delivering wholesale services across the globe.

Our technical facility is provisioned with 24-hour climate control with redundant chillers to maintain an optimal environment for network equipment. It has 80-minute battery power backups and at least two 1.2 GW diesel generators ensure service continuity. Lastly, the technical facility is protected with security staff and a state-of-the-art security system that incorporates biometric hand-scanning and 24-hour video surveillance.

VoiceLift exclusively utilizes Tier 1 carriers for domestic call origination and termination services in order to assure the highest voice quality available. By utilizing these carriers, VoiceLift can provide a truly superior service.

VoiceLift also maintains interconnections with value-oriented carriers which are used for applications where cost is the key driver (as opposed to quality). Value pricing is available upon request