About VoiceLift

VoIP users in North America are expected to grow by 300% in 2005 and by 1800% through 2009 with more than 24 million users by 2008 (Infonetics Research).

VoiceLift, Inc. has established itself as a catalyst in the VoIP revolution. We are a Houston-based VoIP telephone service provider to businesses and consumers. Primarily targeted at Small and Medium sized Business customers, we employ cutting-edge technology that delivers low cost and feature-rich telecommunications services. This technology is efficient and cost effective while adding feature capabilities and pushing the universal acceptance of VoIP as the new standard for telecommunications. VoiceLift delivers voice services over one of the most advanced IP based broadband networks in operation. Its mission critical switches and servers are co-located in the most advanced state-of-the-art and secure facilities available. These enhanced IP data packet services provide customers with a next generation PSTN quality voice product delivered over an IP based broadband network.

VoiceLift provides VoIP telephone service with enhanced features, plus unlimited local and long distance calling within the US and Canada for a flat monthly rate. The company provides stand alone VoIP telephone service, and also offers packaged VoIP service with broadband Internet access to provide turn-key VoIP implementation in both the residential and business environments. VoiceLift’s residential packages may include DSL or cable-based broadband. The Company’s business packages are all custom designed and include high speed Internet access over dedicated SDSL, T1, or fiber running straight from the customer’s premise to VoiceLift’s co-location facility. These systems have been custom designed to maximize flexibility, functionality and quality of service.

VoiceLift’s recently announced premier proprietary product, vBX Virtual Branch ExchangeT is a fully hosted Voice over Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange (PBX) telephone system. This advanced IP Telephony provides businesses with the full suite of features found on the best premises based PBX equipment without requiring the large capital expenditures associated with purchasing such equipment. Whether the business user requires one seat or a hundred, vBX enables any size office to function in the same communications environment as the largest companies. It is scalable both up and down depending on the needs of the business with limited expense. It incorporates Universal Call Routing: enabling calls to be routed and extensions assigned to any phone of any type anywhere in the world whether or not associated with your system and whether they are VoIP, cellular or PSTN. This feature enables the same communications environment to exist from the largest company to the virtual office.

In addition, VoiceLift is experienced and committed to meeting the unique requirements of the enterprise customer. VoiceLift technical resources include individuals with over thirty years of experience implementing global telecommunications and data solutions and services. Our expertise includes the custom design, installation and configuration of global data and voice networks with state-of-the art security features.

VoiceLift provides services at both the retail and the wholesale level. Our wholesale focus enables resellers such as cable companies and Independent Service Providers, to provide voice service to their subscribers with limited capital expenditures by utilizing VoiceLift’s VoIP infrastructure. VoiceLift currently provides wholesale services to 10 companies including Houston’s number one independent DSL provider and Houston’s number 2 dedicated ISP provider. Our current relationships extend into Minnesota, California, Colorado, Florida and New York and are not geographically limited.

VoiceLift went through system development and testing through September 2005 and began sales in October. VoiceLift markets its proucts through company direct communications with resesllers and customers and with a direct sales and marketing staff located in both Central Florida and Texas.

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