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  • Easy installation
  • Use any phone
  • Low maintenance
  • Free upgrades
  • One time charge fee
  • 24/7 customer support

Calling Features

  • Unlimited calling (US & Canada)
  • Low international rates
  • Caller ID
  • E911 service
  • Free number transfer

Office Features

  • Virtual Attendant
  • Remote extensions
  • Voicemail to email
  • Call transfer
  • Call log
  • Conference bridging

Mobility Features

  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail forwarding
  • Mobile extensions
America’s Premium Business Class Communications Provider

VBX Advantages

Lower Front End Costs

There is no capital expense for PBX equipment in using VoiceLift’s vBX Virtual Branch ExchangeT.


Because there is no up front purchase of fixed or limited size PBX equipment, the users vBX system is able to grow as the business grows. vBX allows you to expand or contract as your business changes without having to be burdened by existing equipment. VoiceLift’s vBX system also allows for more time and cost efficient addition of incoming lines and/or extensions.

Continuous Upgrades

The vBX system is constantly upgraded to provide the latest features and functionality. VoiceLift’s vBX customers receive these upgrades FREE of charge, so you know that you are always on the cutting edge of telecommunications technology.

Universal Call Routing

Calls can be routed and extensions may be assigned to any phone of any type anywhere in the world whether or not associated with your system and whether they are VoIP, cellular or PSTN. This feature enables the same commuications environment to exist from the largest company to the virtual office.

Quality Network

Almost any PBX can provide a list of features; however, getting a full set of features in a premises based system which you purchase can be very expensive. Click here for more information on vBX features.

Service Continuity Assurance

If your office loses power or Internet connectivity, your vBX system will continue to accept telephone calls and voicemail until your office becomes available again. The vBX back-end system is located on the backbone of the United States’ Internet and telecommunications network, and is provisioned with 24-hour climate control and redundant chillers to maintain an optimal environment for network equipment. Additionally, 80-minute battery power backups and at least two 1.2 GW diesel generators ensure service continuity. Lastly, the vBX is protected with security staff and a state-of-the-art security system that incorporates biometric hand-scanning and 24-hour video surveillance.

Limited Support Requirements

Equipment maintenance, support and management for premises based PBX equipment is eliminated.